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won't find me putting out a hit on any of my students. Teaching's one of the hardest and most rewarding jobs I've ever held — it combines communication and performance, two of the things I love most.

While living in the Czech Republic for six months, I taught English conversation to kids, teenagers, and adults. I found the best lessons ended with laughter, fulfillment, and more than a bit of sweat running down my back. It's exhilarating.

Here at home, I've served as a one-on-one writing coach. Read more about some of my philosophies on writing, life, and balance and thoughts on parenthood -- they'll give you an idea of my approach.

Today I work with writers at all levels. Whether you're piecing together those first few stories or you're an old pro looking for fresh feedback, I'm happy to help. Get in touch.

Raw, funny, real´┐ŻAllison Landa's writing grabs you by the throat, sends you into fits of laughter, then sits you down by the fire. I love it!"

Christine Comaford-Lynch
Author / Entrepreneur